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Streamline Your Music Revenue with BeatFlipz!

With our new Automated Contests feature, you can now deploy your tracks into contests automatically, allowing you to earn more from your music effortlessly.

No need to manually enter contestsβ€”BeatFlipz handles it all for you! Ensure your beats are always in the running, maximizing your chances of winning and increasing your exposure.

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Version: 0.2.4
Release Date: 2024-07-10 19:16:09

Enhance Your Beat Selling Strategy with BeatFlipz

Traditional Beat Selling

  • "The average trending beat lease on BeatStars is $26.86" - Busy Works Beats
  • To make 250k 5k per year:
    • Sell approximately 186 beats per year
    • That's about 15 beats per month
  • Requires a large, nurtured audience and mailing list and automation
  • Competing with over 3 million active members (BeatStars)
  • Success often depends on social media following

Why BeatFlipz?

  • No need for a large social following
  • Enter same-day, low-cost competitions
  • Competitions end within a few hours with quick payouts
  • Compete based on music quality, not social media presence
  • Maximize your chances of winning and increasing exposure
  • Streamlined process with our desktop software
  • Focus on creating music, not marketing
  • Keep 100% ownership of your beats

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Automate Contest Entries

Use BeatFlipz to automatically enter your beats into contests, maximizing your chances of winning without any manual effort.

Enhance Your Beat Selling Strategy

Complement your beat selling efforts by participating in contests, gaining exposure, and increasing your revenue through quick contest payouts.

Gain More Exposure and Sales

Compete based on the quality of your music, not your social media following, and boost your beat revenue through quick payouts from contest wins.

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